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We strive to offer you the best safaris in Kenya making it a fantastic and memorable experience to meet all your holiday dreams.

South west Kenyan Safaris

Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel will take you to the famous Maasai Mara game reserve where you will have the best experience seeing the wildebeest migration known to be the world’s spectacle scene that happens every year. The migration starts each year in early June to the end of august and mid – October, where many visitors travel to Africa to experience the seventh wonder of the world’s spectacles scene, “the great wildebeest migration”. In this safari you will also spot the big cat family, which include; lions, cheetahs, leopards and the nature garbage collectors (hyenas and vultures) among other species in the dotted land of Maasai Mara.

Great Rift Valley Safaris

Maxwell Safaris Tours & travel will have the privilege of taking you to the great rift lake. Great rift lakes may include; Lake Bogoria (hot springs) and lake Nakuru in the process one has a chance to view different varieties of bird species, while also in the Great Rift Valley Safari we have pleasure of taking to Lake Naivasha(fresh water lake).Naivasha region is also known for its unique features like; hells gate, A national park where you will be mesmerized with the view of features tower (rock).

Central Kenya Safaris

Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel will take you to the well-known Central Kenya region. A region which is blessed with amazing features that will intrigue you such as; Mount Kenya national park, Aberdare national park. In Aberdare we the famous tree tops hotel where princess Elizabeth became the queen of England in 1952 and also the beautiful Thompsons falls at the foot of aberdare ranges. In Central Region We also have sweet waters game reserve with a sanctuary for endangered black rhinos. Maxwell Safaris Tours and Travel takes the notch higher considering that the central region is closer to the Samburu game reserve and buffalo springs game reserves we take you to these sites ensuring you have the best


Western Kenya Safaris

Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel will take you to the largest fresh water lake in the world the Lake Victoria, located in Nyanza region where you will enjoy a beautiful site of the Lake Victoria and the different types of Fish. Within the Western Kenya Safari, we will proceed to the nearest region known as the Western region where we will take a tour in Kakamega Forest. In Kakamega Forest you will also the best view of the big number of bird’s species, exotic free species and various mammals including bush baby, colobus monkey and the concubine habitat within.

Southern Kenya Safaris

In This safari Maxwell Safaris Tours and Travel will take you to Amboseli national Park, where you will have a clear view of the highest and the only snowcapped mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. Within this safari you have a chance to spot the red elephants and other wild life that are within the region. To Complete the safari Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel will extend to show you the largest park in Kenya which is divided by one of our highway roads known as Tsavo east and Tsavo west national park.

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