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Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel.

We are an outdoor company with a great level of knowledge about our Kenyan Country and its regions. In Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel we work towards creating a memorable adventure that will last a lifetime, by doing this we take you to our naturally beautiful Kenyan Sceneries. We will take you to through our Historic excursions, National Parks, Game reserves, Lakes, where you will be privileged to enjoy viewing our beautiful animal species, plants, bird’s species that will leave you in a nostalgic state about nature and the beauty of our country Kenya.

About us


Our motto

Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel we believe in high standard service hence delivery the best service knowing that great service today is the mother of great referrals in future, through this strive to offer you the best safari in our country Kenya. We are a very reliable company when it comes too safaris because we own the ultimate knowledge of sceneries within our country ensuring we reach your satisfactory expectations of every safari we go, Our drivers are well trained to guide you and lecture you in a hospitable manner ensuring you the Kenyan Wilderness at the most comfortable level you will ever be in a safari.

What to expect

Through Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel you will meet and experience the African Culture in Kenya. In our Safaris we will take you to some of our Kenyan Cultures such as the Masai Land (Masai Mara) one of the most famous places in the world. Here you will experience the Maasai real lifestyle (home structures (Manyattas), Cultural Activities and also the history of “maa Language”)

Travel to the nice places in Kenya

Here at Maxwell tours & Safaris we will take you to memorable adventures in our naturally Kenyan sceneries, our historic excursions, game reserves and National park where you will experience real nature of beautiful animal species, plants, bird species, that will leave you nostalgic about the nature and beauty of Kenya.

Don't forget

In conclusion to end your safari in a relaxing way, Maxwell Safaris Tours & Travel will give you the option of choosing one among many of the beach hotels and resorts to relax at in the Kenyan Coastal Region. We are committed to ensuring we meet your holiday expectations in the variety of packages we offer